Celje is the third biggest city of Slovenia. It is known that the first settlement of Celje took place in the Hallstatt period (6th-8th century BC). The population of the town is about 50,000.

Celje is known in historical records as a safe, rich in historical heritage and densely populated city on the scale of Slovenia, famous for its high-rise marble palaces, wide squares, large walls and streets.

The historic Celje Castle is one of the most important sights of the city. In addition, winter tourism is one of the important livelihoods of the city. Celje is one of the most important settlements of the Roman period and there are many mosaics from this period in the city.

Gaziantep and Celje municipalities officially signed the sister city agreement on 18.03.2014 to strengthen their relations in many common areas


There is a mosaic with the logo of Gaziantep Municipality in the central the bazaar of the city. The mosaic replica, made by the mosaic masters of Gaziantep, was donated to the city of Celje by the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality as a sign of sisterhood and friendship.

The project "Disadvantaged youth get to know their sister cities" between Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Slovenian city of Celje has been actively continued since 2015. Students in the centers that are affiliated with the Ministry of Family and Social Policy and Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality are given the opportunity to receive training in the field of winter sports, and for the first time get the opportunity to learn from different culture and geography with their experiences abroad.